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This photo album is a family album,
and should not be copied by non-related
parties, or copies used for any unapproved
commercial endeavor.  Family members may copy at will.
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Tobias Keesing Family - (Leah on left)
New Zealand Decendants from Jewish Dutch
Traceable from 1300s
Smith family US Based ( Henry and Mary Ellen    )


Book "My Life - Auntie Connie" - under construction!!!

Due to the size and loading times the book is divided into 7 sections.

Biography of Henry Keesing

Copy "Schmitt Family"

Paul, Marty, Gary, Mark fishing trip!

Generation 1
Generation 2 Generation 3

The family photo album can grow quite large and extensive. It became clear that old photographs were becoming obsolete. The main purpose of this compilation is to archive these photographs for future generations.

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